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Structural Shotcrete


Are you planning to carry out a construction project in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon or the surrounding areas? Have you considered structural shotcrete? The benefits of shotcrete over traditional concrete are too numerous to count, and you’ll be surprised to learn just how useful this can be for you and your team.  

What Is Structural Shotcrete?


Traditional concrete is poured into a mold and left to dry. This process is time-intensive, prone to failure, limited in application, and often requires numerous pieces of specialized heavy machinery. Nonetheless, it’s often seen as the standard for structural construction.

Shotcrete is entirely different. Instead of being poured as a liquid, shotcrete is fired out of a compressed air hose directly onto the foundation. It can then be smoothed out and formed so it adheres to exactly the specs you require.

What Are the Benefits?


Concrete and shotcrete may be made of largely the same components, but the drastically different application processes result in several key differences. When compared to traditional concrete, structural shotcrete:

  • Can easily adhere to wood, metal, and other surfaces

  • Can easily be used to create complex shapes

  • Exhibits high strength and fire resistance

  • Has a lower environmental footprint

  • Is faster to apply in new construction

  • Requires less formwork, planning, and labour

  • Requires relatively little equipment and repair


Structural shotcrete is a great choice for many construction projects. If you’re unsure if it’s right for your project, feel free to give the experts at CMC Shotcrete a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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